His Pleasure

The psalmist writes, “For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He adorns the humble with salvation.” (Psalms 149:4) Paul reminds us that we are “His workmanship” created for good works.

What a loving and gracious God, that as our Creator, He takes pleasure in His creation.

Hundreds will cross our paths and hear our words today, who feel that no one, much less the God of the universe takes pleasure in them.

Wounded. Rejected. Abused. Fearful. Hurt. Depressed. Failure. These humbled people are those on whom He has adorned or blessed with salvation.

“The Lord takes pleasure” . . . He initiates and is intentional with His love.

“In His people” . . . we belong to Him. He has given us the value of His sonship. We are His and His, alone.

“He adorns the humble” . . . We have no possessions, position or promise. The King of all kings reaches down to those who have no rights or standing with His promise of hope.

“with salvation.” . . . He has “graced” us with an undeserved gift of His presence . . . now and for all eternity.

His pleasure.
His people.
His promise.
His presence.

What a great God!

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