Slandered, But Safe

Spurgeon calls Psalm 7, “The Song of the Slandered Saint”.  

Accused of treachery and treason, the psalmist’s reputation was being maligned. His critics were relentless in their attacks.  Concerning the intensity of their slander, David wrote, “they will rip me to shreds like a lion; they will tear me to bits and no one will be able to rescue me.” (Ps 7:2)

In the hopelessness that comes from being unjustly attacked, he remained faithful in his commitment, his character, and confidence.  David turned to his only Source.

David looked to God for his preservation.  “O Lord my God, in you I have taken shelter. Deliver me from all who chase me! Rescue me!” (Ps 7:1)

David looked to God for his protection.  “The Exalted God is my shield, the one who delivers the morally upright.”  (Ps 7:10)

David looked to God for his praise. “I will thank the Lord for his justice; I will sing praises to the Sovereign Lord!” (Ps 7:17)

When criticism comes . . . 
. . . you may not expect it, but it is never unplanned.  He is in control.
. . . you may be hurt, but it is never hopeless. He is compassionate.
. . . you may be lonely, but you are never alone.  He is your Companion.

As slandered saints. . . or maybe shepherds . . . we can sing this song because He is a shelter who preserves, He is a shield who protects, and He is The Sovereign whom we praise.

It’s time to sing!

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