The Three “R”s

“I will thank the Lord with all my heart! I will tell about all Your amazing deeds! I will be happy and rejoice in You! I will sing praises to You, O Sovereign One! (Ps 9:1, 2)

Life is tough . . . But, it’s also terrific.

Everyday we engage in the struggles of sin, the attacks of our advisory, and fighting with our flesh.  Yet, everyday we experience the gift of His grace, the power of His presence, and the commitment of His compassion.

The psalmist understood the process of continued praise that would provide a clear perspective.

Remember:  David had amazing things to say about God.  We do, too.  The psalmist’s gratitude was was founded on what God had done.  God’s presence and provision had made an all encompassing impact.  “The Lord revealed himself; . . . ” (Ps 9:16)

Recount:  David told, re-told and re-told, again all that God had done.  God’s help in the past confirmed hope in the future.  His working in our lives is amazing and attractional.  Tell it.

Rejoice:  David never forgot the Source of his salvation and his story.  All the praise was direct to God.  All the glory was His.  David praised God for His Sovereign control (vs 2), for His just leadership (vs 7) and for His deliverance (vs14).

David remembered, he recounted, he rejoiced . . . and, he was happy.  This is a day in which I can be happy because of my Hope.

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