Awesome Accomplishments

We all want to be a part of something that makes an impact, something that influences, something that is incredible, something that is indelible. Talk about an awesome accomplishment.

The psalmist shared the same desire. “I call to You for You will answer me, O God. Listen to me! Hear what I say! Accomplish awesome, faithful deeds, You Who powerfully deliver those who look to You for protection from their enemies.” (Psalms 17:6, 7)

An awesome accomplishment needs purpose, planning, promotion and persistence. But it necessitates prayer, His presence and His power. The cohesive bond to an awesome accomplishment is intimacy, not ingenuity.

Consider this course of action to an awesome accomplishment.

Calling out to Him: It begins with abandoning prayer. Prayer is the first step, not the last.
Confidence in His answer: He will respond. Be assured. In His timing, in His way.
Completion of His work: His work is never partially complete. He is faithful to finish the job.
Covering of His protection: His work provides safety and security. He does His work and He delivers His worker.

Today is a day of awesome accomplishments. Today is a day to serve an Awesome God.


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