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My Only Source

I’ve learned to look for practices that are simple, satisfying and significant. David shares the same sentiment, “I say to the Lord, You are the Lord, MY ONLY SOURCE OF WELL BEING.” (Ps 16:2) He readily confessed that his relationship with his LORD was…

Act Like Family

As our girls grew older, they wanted to have friends over to spend the night. In turn, they would also be invited as guests to their friend’s homes. We always reminded that their behavior as a guest was a reflection of our family. What…

He Turns Lives Around

“Turn arounds” are fascinating. A “turn around” occurs when hope is restored, brokenness is rebuilt, or purpose is renewed. As God considers His creation, He finds none who are righteous, none who are good, and all have fallen short. No hope, broken and lost….

It’s Not About The Nail

When we get “stuck”, it is often difficult to see the “real problem”.  Challenges blind us, paralyze us or effect our judgement.  Sometimes we really do need someone to help us fix it. ServantOne serves Kingdom enterprises by identifying and initiating strategic breakthroughs ….