Notes To The Future

I have always enjoyed writing notes to people.

When I was young, writing was an easy way to communicate my thoughts and heart. I would find myself spending time writing to friends, family and to God. I still have journals from my high school days where I had poured my heart out to God.

I used to have small spiral notebooks with a cardboard cover. They weren’t very attractive or costly, but what was inside had great value to me. I remember when I first found one of those books with just blank pages . . . I thought this would be my first published book. What excitement that I could write my own thoughts on blank pages in a bound book!

Shortly after our first daughter was born, I was humbled and scared with the thought of being a father. I was so unprepared. I knew there was so much that I had to learn . . . and then trying to communicate these truths, lessons and principles to my daughter . . . what a daunting task.  As our family grew to four daughters, the task became more impossible.

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I Trust In Him

“Those who trust in the LORD are as secure as Mount Zion,” (Ps 125:1).

This passage is a needed reminder of God’s protection and provision for us. This is a day when I need remember this great reality.

Clarified to the simplest truth – He is worthy of my trust and, I trust in Him.My confidence in Him is my security And, my commitment to Him is steadfast.  

Four purposeful words: In God We Trust!


Building Loyality

The following thought is from Dr. Henry Oursler of Tightrope Communications from Franklin, Tennessee.

A century ago, Ernest Shackleton was one of the most renowned explorers of his time.  Today, however, Shackleton is best known for a failed mission.  In January 1915, while trying to be the first to journey across the Antarctica, he and his men aboard the Endurance were trapped in pack ice in the Weddell Sea and forced to abandon the ship. They floated on icebergs and paddled three small lifeboats to reach a remote, deserted island.  From there, Shackleton and five men embarked in one of the lifeboats on an eight-hundred-mile voyage through some of the planet’s stormiest waters, landing more than two weeks later at South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic.  After a rest, Shackleton and two of his men hiked and climbed across treacherous mountains to a whaling station, where Shackleton procured a ship and sailed to rescue his comrades. Every member of the twenty-eight-man crew returned home safely.

Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capprell, in their book Shackleton’s Way, list eight principles Shackleton applied to forge unity and loyalty among his team.

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Cultivate Creativity

I have often been told that I have a creative mind.  Sometimes it was not in a complimentary way.  I like to learn.  I like to be challenged.  I like to play with technology.  I like to take ideas and make them easy to understand.  I think that’s has hints of creativity.

Working for years in non-profits, as well as the private sector, creative contributors can “make you or break you.”  I have found that the key is how you work with them and how you give them the freedom to do what they do best . . . create.  Perhaps you have creative people working with you . . . or you may have some on your management team.

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