Defining Leadership Moments In The Psalms: 150 Worship Thoughts For Impacting Living

I was a college student, desperately wanting to know more about God.  I heard my pastor say something that not only impacted me for years to come, but countless others. 

Jerry Falwell stood behind a massive pulpit and began his message from James 5 regarding the Old Testament prophet Elijah, “The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”.  He then uttered a phrase that I would hear time and time again, each time driving a stake of truth deep in my soul, “Nothing of eternal significance ever happens apart from prayer.”

Prayer started becoming a passion.

On May 15th, 2007, it was our 25th Wedding Anniversary . . . it was also the day, my Pastor, Dr. Jerry Falwell stepped into eternity.

I wanted to do something to support my pastor’s family and help our church.  I asked if I could go to the church early on the following Sunday and pray that God would help, heal and lead.

Since that Sunday in May, I have been praying at our church, each Sunday morning, when possible, at 6:30am.

We begin our prayer time reading a psalm, sharing some thoughts on what the Psalm tell us about God and then read a short devotional . . . some defining moments . . . from the selected psalm. 

Our thoughts are not only focused on God and His guidance, provision and healing . . . but, also on those who wrote the psalms and their lostness, need and hurt.  The men God used to pen these influential and impacting worship expressions were broken sinners, failed leaders, fearful rulers and insecure warriors. 

These thoughts are shared with almost 100 pastors and leaders across the country, as we pray for them, also.  All of us lead . . . in our families, our work, our churches, our communities.  And, we all face the same struggles as those who wrote these defining moments in the Psalms. 

It’s been said that the Psalms grab out attention and guide our affection for God’s love and leading. 

It’s my prayer that these leader’s defining moments in the Psalms will encourage you, give you insight into God and provide you with a motivation to lead with influence, impact and inspiration.

What others have said:

The profound simplicity of a single moment is easily ignored in a society whose citizens are too busy to notice.  Yet, From Genesis to Revelation, we are taught that single moments can actually be defining moments.  I have experienced this phenomenon firsthand as Bob Miller has graciously guided a group of pastors through Psalms each Sunday morning for several years.  Like a skilled guide exploring the landscape, Bob’s meticulous attention to detail unearths insights foreign to the casual observer.  The impact from those moments have challenged my heart, comforted my hurts and compelled me to deeper intimacy with our Savior.  In a world of constant chaos, one insight from a defining moment in Scripture can overwhelm you with springs of living water.  Let’s take a page from David’s life in Psalm 62, and command our hearts to be silent . . . so our lives will make a joyful noise!

Rick Rigsby, Ph. D., Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Dallas TX, Best-Selling Author of Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout

For the past several years, every Sunday morning I have awakened to a text my from good friend Bob Miller. That text has faithfully contained a devotion from the book of Psalms. Through the years, God has used these devotions in a powerful way in my life. I am so thankful that Bob has now compiled these devotions into this powerful book. You will be encouraged, challenged, inspired, convicted, and blessed as you walk through Psalms with my friend Bob. I highly recommend this great resource for anyone wanting to go deeper in their love relationship with Jesus!

Vance Pitman, Senior Pastor, Hope Church, Las Vegas NV

Defining Leadership Moments in the Psalms is a guide to lead you as you pray through the Scriptures. A pastor once reminded me “the prayers that get answered in heaven started in heaven.” By praying through the Scripture, Bob is helping the reader express God’s heart in prayer. This book is a great start to using the Psalms as a prayer guide.

Dr. Jeff Mims, Pastor, Judson Baptist Church, Nashville TN 

Over the past few years, I have been blessed to be one of the weekly recipients of Bob Miller’s, Defining Leadership Moments in the Psalms.  Bob’s insights into the Psalms have been inspiring, uplifting, challenging, and timely.  There have been many Sunday mornings where God has used these short devotionals to get me through a moment where I needed a word of courage, or strength, or encouragement.  I’m thrilled that Bob has turned these writings into a book.  Get ready to read the Psalms in a fresh, inspiring, new way. 

Brian Bloye, Founding and Senior Pastor, West Ridge Church, Dallas, GA

Practical and Spiritual applications abound in this transformational book by Bob Miller. He has threaded together a masterpiece of King David’s heart, Jesus’ life and his own experiences to reveal God’s plan, love and strategy for humanity.

This unique, soul provoking book reflects the depth and beauty of the sacred work of the Psalms that has been cherished throughout the generation.

Bob’s insights bring meaning and power to the deepest outpouring of yearning ever expressed by man to His creator. 

This collection of daily worship thoughts correlated with each of the Psalms will facilitate and inspire closeness as you dig deeper enjoy a fresh outpouring of God’s Presence in your life.

Rob and Jennifer Mallan, Founders and Pastors, Reliant Family Church, Tampa FL

As a pastor I know Sunday is coming every week! As a friend of Dr. Bob, I also know a worship stirring thought is coming from the book of Psalms every week. I am blessed to receive that encouragement each and every Sunday morning. So much of a Sunday morning is about giving to others so I have found great filling in the receiving I get from these worship thoughts. To have them all bound together and accessible for anytime will be a blessing to so many.

Cliff Jordan, Founding and Lead Pastor, Movement Church, Richmond VA

Bob has been a great friend of mine for many years, and someone who consistently and personally encourages me and other leaders. This book is not just another book but an overflow of Bob’s life. Defining Leadership Moments In The Psalms is full of Scripture, promises, and personal stories that will strengthen your relationship with God and invite you into His presence through worship. You might think of worship as music, but it is more than that.  These thoughts will take you deeper into how worship is part of your constant walk with God, not just on Sundays, but every day.

I love practical books and ones with short but powerful chapters, and that is exactly how this book is written. Open your heart to hear from God as you dive into this book and share with others!

Matt Fry, Founding and Lead Pastor, C3 Church, Clayton, NC

Every Sunday morning, I receive the most encouraging text possible, from my friend Bob Miller, a Scripture passage from the Psalms and that he is praying for me. God is using Bob to pray for, and encourage, many people, leaders and pastors like me. Defining Leadership Moments In The Psalms just continues to enhance that encouragement in many lives, including mine. I highly recommend this book as a tool to dive deeper into the life God desires for us!

Chris Rhodenhizer, Founding and Lead Pastor, Image Church, Woodbridge VA

My friend, brother, exhorter and coach, Bob Miller is the real deal. He is generous, gracious, wise and honest. Every Sunday, 2,000 miles away I look forward to his morning devotional to inspire me from the Psalms to be real with Jesus Christ. Bob’s genuine words out of the Psalms drive us to the Psalms and that means worship, repentance, laughter, tears, reflection and conviction…and that is the reality of life in Jesus. Let’s be genuine together in the Lord and His Psalms. Enjoy Bob’s gift to leaders in this fabulous book!

Dr. Greg Kappas, Author, Consultant, Founder and President, Grace Global Network, Phoenix AZ

Ah . . . like a morning cup of coffee, Dr. Bob Miller’s Defining Leadership Moments In The Psalms devotional is to the soul!   How refreshing to be offered an encouraging synopsis of God’s Word to send you on your way for the day!  Bob has given us a gift that reflects his unique talent for capturing the heart of the Divine Author in this poetic book.  It is with this conviction that he committed himself to present those who lead with a practical reading tool to motivate us to delve into God’s greatest riches; to affirm our  walk with Him, to encourage our witness to others, and to prepare our soul for holy communion with the Savior. 

 D.L. Moody offered, “sin will keep you from this Book and this Book will keep you from sin.”  I have known Bob for over forty years.  His commitment to the Scripture and prayer is legendary at my church, Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia.

I recommend that the reader place this writing beside his Bible and reference it daily; like that morning cup of coffee!

Dr. Dave Adams, Executive Director, The Center for Pastoral Ministries, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Who gets to church early every Sunday morning, for over 10 years to pray for their pastor?  My friend, Dr. Bob Miller! And, he’s not just praying for his Pastor but for many others scattered around the globe!

Along with the prayer, he also shares his devotional thoughts from Psalms which are both moving and remarkable! When I think of Bob’s writings the words which come to mind are: Hope, Praise, Worship, Truth, Depth and Devotion! And it’s no wonder, for these words also describe the man God has used to challenge us with these messages from the Book of Psalms! 

As you read them you will find Jesus lifted high, time and again. You will be reminded just how great is our God! And, you will worship Him. If you do nothing else, you will worship Him!

Dr. David Nelms, Founder and President, The Timothy Initiative

Psalms has always been one of my favorite books in the Bible.  There is poetry, challenge, inspiration, and passion throughout.  Bob Miller had set up any believer for vibrant quiet times through his combination of personal stories while issuing a daily challenge to live your life as one who is royalty!

Doug Parks, Co-Founder and CEO, Intentional Churches, Las Vegas NV

It has been my pleasure to meet with Bob early on Sunday mornings at Thomas Road Baptist Church for prayer, encouragement and edification for many years. There is no fanfare or emotional manipulation.  We just show up (even when we don’t feel like it) and God shows up.

Those times are pure joy as we read the Psalm for the day and listen to the devotional the Holy Spirit has allowed Bob to write.  What a tremendous blessing. His ability to capture the essence of the Psalm, unwrap it in a very clear manner and then make practical application has been a BIG-TIME blessing for years.   As you read through the Defining Leadership Moments In The Psalms, may the Holy Spirit minister to you through the devotional. It is highly recommended without reservation.

Dr. Ed Gomes, Director Of Spiritual Development, Football, Liberty University, Lynchburg VA

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