Defining Moments: 100 Kingdom Thoughts For Life-Changing Living


It all began with one simple question: “What does God want to teach me today?”

With that query, I started waking up early and taking notes on Bible reading, establishing a proactive habit that continues to this day. Those deliberate morning times became defining moments that led to a greater discovery of purpose—and to the necessary changes, conviction, and courage needed to follow through. These Defining Moments can do the same for you.

These 100 high-impact Kingdom reflections focus on who you are and why you’re here—all steeped in Scripture and stories from real life, as well as practical points to help you through your day. They’re not so short that they’ll quickly be forgotten . . . and yet not so long that they must be rushed through. Instead, these just-right inspirations offer up hope, perspective, and purpose that will sustain you—and that can change you—for years to come. Best of all, they will keep before you this vital truth:  You exist for a reason.

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