A Legacy of Church Planting

I had the privilege of calling Jerry Falwell a friend.  Shortly after he passed, I wrote this book honoring his efforts and energy in church planting.

Legacy of Church Planting

Paul wrote, “The things that you have heard from me commit to faithful men, who will be able to teach others, also.”

A man returned to his hometown in Central Virginia in 1956 to plant a church.  That church has not only grown into one of the vast reaching ministries in this country, but it also has reproduced itself in hundreds of church plants, spanning almost five decades.

The vision of Dr. Jerry Falwell, Thomas Road Baptist Church and the Liberty University has provided one of the most comprehensive local  church-based ministries in the world, modeling the outreach of the early church in reaching the present and next generations.  As the next generation,  Jonathan Falwell continues to pursue this aggressive strategy of planting  churches into the next millennium.

A Legacy of Church Planting is a narrative of the legacy and impact of Dr. Falwell’s  ministry on a select group of individuals who accepted his mandate to plant churches  across America and reach cities for Christ.  Although they share a common bond, each  story is different and diverse.  This is as Dr. Falwell would have wanted it, because he  embraced a diversity that encouraged church planters to start churches that were  different in their approach, methods and styles, while remaining true to the message of  Jesus’ redemptive work.

You will be inspired by their heroic stories, which span five decades, and their faith,  vision and passion to plant churches that will continue to impact the world for generations to come.

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