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12 Ways To Feed The Positive Wolf

We all face the “two wolves” . . . good and evil, positive and negative, humility and pride. Two opposing forces in every day of our lives is a reality.The one that wins
depends on the one we feed.

It’s All Good . . . REALLY!

I often wonder if things are going to work out or how things are going to work out . . . and during all that time . . . God is seemingly working them out.

God Can Not, Will Not & Does Not Use Me

Life can be discouraging, disillusioning and disappointing . . . but, don’t give up on God’s calling.  He has sovereignly selected you for service.  He will confirm you.  He will affirm you.  And, He will work through you.

Three Required Rest Stops

Sometimes we need to stop and find rest.

Following . . .

Following Jesus means He is leading and I am not.  Jesus gathers a crowd including His disciples and gives them clarity and commission.  If you desire to follow, this is what you need to decide . . .

Straightening Our Crooked Mess

Each of us deal with “crookedness” in our lives.  The wise King Solomon reminds us that God will make our crooked lives straight when we acknowledge Him in all of our ways.