Bob Miller  bob-2016-a

Love my family . . . love my friends . . . love my God.

Life is full of opportunities to make a difference.  Too often we attempt to make a difference so we are recognized.  Jesus said that He came to serve . . . not to be served.  We serve to make a difference . . . not for us . . . but for Him and His Kingdom . . . and in turn, the lives of others.

God has led me through various ministry and business journeys.  From an executive pastor to entrepreneur to a Kingdom manager and servant.  I believe He has tailored me for today’s church.

It’s not all been easy.  I’m reminded that Jesus even learned through the things that He suffered.

I have a passion to help people get “unstuck”.  With certifications in Intentional Church, StratOps, Life Planning, Transformational Church (Limg_1153ifeWay), Transitional Pastor (LifeWay) and Leading From Your Strength (Level 2 Certification), we are ready to assist others to reach their greatest level of impact.

Debi and and I have been married for 36 years . . . and we have four beautiful daughters, all married to great guys . . . and at this point, we have 10 grandkids . . . love them all.



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