Intentional LifePlan

Intentional LifePlanning

You have incredible potential as a church leader. There is no other leader like you! Intentional LifePlanning is for church leaders and built to perfectly dovetail with an Intentional GrowthPlan. Many churches and leaders are discovering the two experiences are a powerful combination.

So How Does It Work?

Similar to an Intentional GrowthPlan, you spend two days together with an Intentional LifePlan facilitator. The facilitator is trained in the Paterson LifePlan process and specializes in LIfePlans for church leaders. You meet with your facilitator in a comfortable setting and walk through multiple exercises that lead to unprecedented clarity, breakthrough, and confidence. You will immediately see the impact in your life as a church leader and follower of Christ.

Features of an Intentional LifePlan


By walking through the process you see God’s work in your life in a new and exciting way.


You will sense God’s preparation and presence in a way that will lead to courageous decision-making.


Inevitably, themes will emerge that will deeply convince you through the Holy Spirit’s guidance that action must be taken.


You will map a plan of action with objectives and details that will focus your response immediately.

Life Mission & Vision

You will creatively and quickly develop a focused mission and clear vision for your future leadership.

Core Talents

You will combine many aspects of what you know about yourself into new, simple, synthesized core talent descriptions.


You will review your story and see God at work in your past and recent experiences in a new and surprising way.


You will circle the themes of your passions and heart in a way that leads to a simple and clear statement of your desired legacy.

In your LifePlan, we will use up to 20 of our LifePlan tools to guide you into the 4 phases of the LifePlan process:








We can help you get unstuck.


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