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I Choose . . .

When I charge forward with new perspective . . . I pursue with purpose, passion and a plan.

Easter Sunday

This is your day to seek Him because He wants you to find Him . . . it’s His presence.
This is your day to no longer be weak because He is your strength . . . it’s His power.
This is your day to experience peace that passes all understanding . . . it’s His peace.
Today is your day to hope . . . to heal . . . to restore . . . to rest . . . it’s His promise.

Jesus’ Silent Saturday

On the Friday of His last week, Jesus’ death culminated His trial, torture and crucifixion.  There were the cries of the crowd, the mocking by Roman Soldiers and the tears of His followers.
Friday was loud . . . Saturday was silent.  Saturday would forever be a between day . . . between death and destiny, agony and answers, loss and life.

Jesus Last Week – Good Friday

Christ’s finds us and gives us the opportunity to have a restored relationship with God. What is broken is made new.  What was lost is found.
Nothing else can keep us lost . . . it is finished.

Jesus Last Week – Thursday

Our Jesus celebrates our moments by setting us free, making us family and giving us a future.

Jesus Last Week – Wednesday

“. . . one good decision can totally change the trajectory of our lives. Every decision is a genesis moment that has the potential to radically alter not just our destiny but the course of human history as well.”
Mark Batterson