He’s All We Need

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” (Ps 23:1 NIV)

The warrior king remembered a simpler time. As a shepherd he called out to His Shepherd and confessed that he was lacking in nothing. Jesus was all that he needed.

There are days when we are embattled. Times are tough. Challenges are unending. We encounter difficulty, despair and impending defeat at any moment.

Peter reminds us that we are shepherds who serve The Chief Shepherd. Sometimes we forget that He has faced everything we will ever face. As David did, we can call out to our Shepherd.

He refreshes our souls. (Ps 23:2) – In the lush meadows and cool waters of His presence, we catch our breath.
He guides us along the right paths. (Ps 23:3) – By following Him, we find direction.
He walks with us in the darkest times of life. (Ps 23:4) – Nothing to fear. Nothing to lose. We are secure in The Sovereign.
He protects, provides and prepares us. (Ps 23:5) – In fierce devastation, He feeds. When attackers come, He anoints.

Everyday, His grace, mercy and love chase us down until they catch us.

He never leaves. He never abandons. The door to His presence is always open. (Ps 23:6).

We need Him, today. As a matter of fact . . . as a matter of faith . . . He’s all we need.

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